Morels- Ghuchi Cheau 

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Cordyceps Sinensis-Yarsagumba

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Saffron (Keshar)

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History of Ayurveda

Situated on the lap of the Himalayas, Nepal is naturally rich in Ayurvedic herbals and minerals. History tells, Nepal had been inhabited by several loving caring seers (Rishis) from east to west and mountains to tarai. Their regular study of Vedas and endless eagerness to rescue the livings from diseases and prolong longevity of lives gave birth to Ayurveda (science of life); some about 5000 years ago.
Literally the Sanskrit term Ayurveda stands for 'Ayu' or life and 'veda' or to study. During the dates (during that time) when there was a severe attack on our neighbouring country India by some outsiders then some wisemen, there suggested that the old and very valuable Indian manuscripts can be safe in Nepal. Since then people believe Nepal to posses a great potential. Yes, potential of Ayurveda. It's because of climate, geographical position, great Himalayas and inhabitant of several ancient seers, nature has offered tremendous opportunities of Ayurveda in Nepal. Himalaya and mountains with uncountable number of herbs, many unique medicinal herbs that have never been part of another land,different ancient granthas and more than 1600 varieties of medicinal plants have shown the facts that declare Nepal as an Ayurveda kingdom.