Morels- Ghuchi Cheau 

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Cordyceps Sinensis-Yarsagumba

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Saffron (Keshar)

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Welcome to Rara Herbs & Spice Pvt. Ltd.

Nepal is also famous for Medicinal Herbs. Himalayan Region of Nepal is home to about 3500 species of herbs and aromatic plants. Many rare and endangered Himalayan herbs are found in higher altitudes of Nepal hilly regions. Even rare Himalayan herbs are common in higher evaluation. Most of these herbal plants grow naturally in its forests and meadows between altitudes of 225 ft to19,000 ft . Several hundreds of these Himalayan herbs have been used for centuries as Ayurvedic treatments, and are increasingly exported worldwide. This physical diversity of Nepal allows sub tropical, temperate and alpine vegetation to all flourish in this small country making it a good source for a big variety of natural biological. Many of these herbs and aromatic plants are very specific to the Himalayan Region and have high medicinal, culinary and cosmetic values. The quality of these natural herbal products from this Himalayan region is even reflected in the Vedas and other religious scriptures as the area where ancient sages and hermits sourced their herbal requirements from.

Our main goal with this website is to bring you the latest information on alternative remedies and to inform you about Medicinal Herbs & Spice and how they can help you increase the quality of your life. We will try to show you the best online places where you can buy the herbs & spice and to make sure that you are buying quality herbal from respectable and trusted Exporter. Rara Herbs & Spice Pvt. Ltd. was registered on 2011 A.D in Office of the Company Registar under Ministry of Industry & Commerce, Government of Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal.

In short Period of time, We have grown to become one of the leading and most trusted exporter of Nepalese Medicinal Herbs & Spice which include Cordyceps(Yarchagumba), Paris Polyphylla(satuwa), Picrorhiza kurroa (Kutki), Morchella Esculenta(Guchhi-Cheau, Morels), Amomum Aromaticum(Large or Black Cardamom), Saffron(Keshar) and much more. These are the main raw goods mostly we deal and we have some stock of these goods.